leica 1 model C

Leica 1
Salute to Alexander Rodchenko
Alexandria Rodchenko
Elmar 90/4
the river

The great Soviet artist and photographer was an early user of the small leica camera. I recently came across a photograph of him using the leica 1(C) and a Elmar 135mm telephoto lens.

In the photo above I am using the Leica 1 model C with a 1938 Elmar 90/4, a 80+ year old design. There have been many optical advancements, but again the leica design and quality has stood the test of time.

The external universal veiwfinder is just one of many leica accessories made available to complement the use of the camera. Produced from 1939-1963 and its codename is VIOOH. It covers the focal lengths 3.5-13.5 Cm with parrallax adjusting lever at the back of the foot. I got this from Tamarkin Camera, always a first choice for clean, dependable leica gear. They will also answer any questions or concerns with a no nonsense return policy..

The photograph of the Cormorant in the river was taken with this set up. Carrying the leica 1 A & C, with the two Elmars, uncoated 50/3.5 on the 1A and a 90 on the 1 (C), gives me plenty of range for my type of photography.

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