Leica 1 Model C


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“The Leica I Model C (also known as Leica Ic) was the follow up model to the Leica 1 Model A, which was in its’ own right a great start for Leica and set standards in the world of photography. Unfortuntely the fixed lens was a problem as photographers wanted to experiment with different lenses without having to change the camera.”(Vintage-camera-lenses.com)

Using my Leica 1 Model A is great for my type of shooting whats going on around me,as I walk the streets, day trip with Sally and keeping my photography process simple, the disadvantage of the Model A was I couldn’t use my other great lenses, like the collapsible Summicron 50/2 or the Elmar 50/2.8 or my black Elmar 90/4. Evolving to the Model C in 1930 solved the problem for the Leica photographer.

Early models before 1930 did have changeable lenses but not interchangeable ones due to the slight varients in size of the lens mount and the difference between the film plane and the flange. This meant the early lenses being matched to a specific body and identified via matching serial numbers. These were referred to as non-standardized. Leica did finally standardize the Model C so it became the first Leica with interchangeable lenses. Both these Models are somewhat rare as Leica modified the non-standard cameras and as the Leica evolution continued offered factory upgrades to existing cameras, adding rangefinders, slow shutter speeds, etc.

Due to the compactness I like to carry one of each, with perhaps the Elmar 90/4 on the Model C, giving we. 50 and 90 focal range.

There is much more information and blogs dedicated to these wonderful leicas on the web. “https://opinionateddesigner.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/leica-1-model-c-the-first-system-camera/

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